Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dinette Cushions Galore!

I took an upholstery class from the local extension agency where I live, and learned a valuable tool...making cushions!  This education has served me well, and has helped to put some pizazz back into our ol' camper.  I'm working on the dinette cushions, and have two completed so far. 

Here's the before...
Orange vinyl covered the back and sides of the old cushions.  The front, seen in the above picture, was a retro flowered pattern which just wasn't me.  I tore the vinyl and fabric off, used it as a pattern and then freecycled it.  I'm happy to say a nice lady will now have orange vinyl barstools and new flowered pillows for her outdoor chairs.  Gotta love reusing, repurposing and recycling (or upcycling)!

And now, my favorite part, the after...
Yay, I love it.  And, here's the best part...I used fabric from a king size duvet cover I got at the local DAV store for $3.50.  Yep, four new cushions for $3.50 plus the price of thread.  Not too shabby!

The top part of the duvet cover had a textured flower pattern which I used on the top and bottom sides of the cushion.  The bottom of the duvet cover was a non textured material I used for the sides, and I reused the zippers on the new covers since they matched.

Here's a close-up of the textured flower pattern...

Once I have all four cushions complete, and Chris has the dinette table back together (post explosion), I'll upload a completed picture of the new dinette put together.  Such fun!


  1. Hi, WOW...which I took the Class you took....my cushion re-do costs....well Wa....yyyy Too Much! I am ashamed....I believe in reusing and should have went the way you did...I can sew straight "D...but don't know if I could of done the fab job you did! Great Job :D Can't wait to see your fab trailer come all together....I will be back for sure!
    Smiles, Christine

  2. Just popped over from The Tin Can Cottage and I'm subscribing to your blog! I can't wait to see the transformation!

  3. Yes Christine, the class was amazing and the slipcovers are amazingly simple to make...but it's simplier to pay someone else to do it!! :) I can't wait to see the trailer come together either...it would be so much faster without a 3 month old!!

    Thanks for subscribing Rosa...glad you'll be staying around for the transformation :)

  4. What happened to your blog? Did you ever finish your camper?

    1. Kids, kids happened to my blog. In the last three years we've had two kids, a move, two new jobs and have just been too busy to work on the camper. Someday...